Why Use Hydrosphere®? Our Green Solution…

Before Hydrosphere® - Conventional Chemical Cleaning

Water treatment activities take place during the project contract period when deliverable timescales are at a premium. The contract value and size of these activities are disproportionate to the effect that they may have on project completion. Any delays in the completion of flushing and cleaning operation can have a major negative impact on project completion. Good planning and the use of techniques that are not detrimental to the installations can avoid delays at this stage of the contract.

Traditional filling methods prematurely age systems and also introduce and create corrosion and microbiological contaminants.

If the above contaminants are prevented from entering installations, and are not produced in the first instance, then delivering a higher level of water quality, and system cleanliness can be achieved more promptly and with certainty.

The philosophy on which Hydrosphere® has been designed.

In practical terms this now means that when a circuit or system is complete, cleaning can commence. The only requirements for this are a modest water supply, power to provide circulation, and system integrity. This allows the system cleaning to start earlier and, as the process is faster, system cleaning is completed earlier and in less time than would conventionally be the case.

Also using refined diagnostic techniques; real-time microbiological system examination and evaluation is undertaken, allowing early detection and appropriate intervention procedures.


  • Pre-treatment minimises potential system contamination, degradation and fouling.
  • Post treatment techniques eliminate the introduction of further contaminant.
  • Instant on site evaluations reduce control response times, thereby maximising treatment efficacy.

To see why ‘our green solution’ is the way forward, we firstly have to look at effluent production during the ‘Conventional Chemical Cleaning’ process.

These are the conventional chemical cleaning stages.  Notice the amount of flushing* to drain that is involved.  It is generally recognised that up to 20 system volumes of effluent are created to conventionally flush and clean an installation.  Hydrosphere® can reduce this to zero.

Using Hydrosphere®, the only water needed is the amount required to fill an installation for the first time.  That water stays in the system as there is no need to flush to drain.

  • Filling & Testing
  • Static Flush *
  • Dynamic Flush *
  • Bio-wash
  • Chemical Clean
  • 2nd Dynamic Flush *
  • Inhibitor & Biocide dosing
  • Back Flushing *

The main issues with a conventional chemical clean are:

  • Highly polluting
  • Major negative environmental impact
  • Excessive fresh water consumption
  • Needless creation of chemical effluent
  • Re-corrosion of pipe work
  • Potential microbiological system infection
  • High project costs
  • High water & waste disposal costs
  • Slow


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