Hydrosphere® filling

Hydrosphere® Filling Rig Hydrosphere® Filling Rig

The Hydrosphere® process is split into two stages, the first stage being the filling process.

All of the water entering a system is treated using the Hydrosphere® filling apparatus. The apparatus consists of a high efficiency, multistage, patented filling rig, incorporating BioBlock® technology which is specifically designed to prevent the corrosion cycle and microbial activity.

Filling systems using Hydrosphere® prevents harmful microbial contaminants from being introduced, and together with the supplementary treatment chemicals, this prevents the system from being prematurely damaged.

The Hydrosphere® fill rigs are operated by trained, approved Hydrosphere® engineers. The engineer monitors and controls all the system make-up water whilst constantly checking system chemistry and bacteriological activity using enhanced technology to instantly monitor microorganisms. This assessment gives a real-time indication to the amount of microbiological activity present within the system, thus allowing prompt and pre-emptive treatment adjustments. Samples are also taken for independent UKAS accredited laboratory testing.

Systems once full are pressure tested in accordance with site requirements.

Traditionally it has been necessary to treat hydraulically connected circuits for phased completion by treating them as stand-alone systems; requiring localised water supplies, drainage and power. This is not necessary using Hydrosphere®.

Water is not exchanged during a Hydrosphere® operation therefore it can commence once the system or circuit is filled. Unlike one that has been conventionally chemically cleaned, no further water is used and the introduction of further variables (particularly microbiological) is eliminated. This assists the delivery of certainties.


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