Look at the RESULTS!

To demonstrate the results of cleaning a system the above samples of steel pipe have been cut in half and then subjected to the following exposure test:

1The first section of pipe was left completely un-treated and un-whetted.

2The second section of pipe was left fully submerged in untreated London town mains water for 24 hours. After a significantly short period of time the corrosion cycle has already begun.

3The third section of pipe was left fully submerged in un-treated mains water for 14 days. The corrosion cycle is well underway and the iron oxide has formed heavily on the surface of the pipe.

4The final section of pipe has been fully submerged for 60 days in the Hydrosphere® standard treatment solution. The two bookend samples are two halves of the same piece of pipe.

These water samples show the effects Hydrosphere® has on the water quality within systems.

  • The sample on the left is an example of how poor system water quality can be.
  • The middle sample is from a Data Centre cooling system taken after filling using Hydrosphere®.
  • The sample on the right is from the same system after completion of the entire Hydrosphere® process with the system circulating at full flow, demonstrating the effectiveness of Hydrosphere®.

This is just a sample of pipe that has been submerged in un-treated mains water for two hours.


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